03 April 2012

Food Testing at Nannini Plaza Indonesia

Last Thursday, I was invited to opening Nannini  Plaza Indonesia branch. Nannini running since 1995. 1st time I know about Nannini was in Plaza Senayan branch (FYI, my campus near there hohoho).

Nannini  Plaza Indonesia located in 2nd Floor. The place not too spacious, but still convy.

When we seated, there was already time table and menu list on the table. The menu that I'm going to try looked yuumm... Chef Francis Lim, explained to us regarding the menu. Already mouthwatering when he described about the menu.

Food Testing Menu List
Mr Fitra Bya as a Operational Manager, gave us a quick speech about Nannini background. Then he demonstrated how to make cocktail named Smoky Rosemary.  This is the new cocktail. He said, Nannini will create a new cocktail menu every month. Woooww...

Fitra Bya with Smoky Rosemary
Cocktail & Mocktail Parade

Beetle Juice 35k
Beetle Juice - Combination of kiwi, passion fruit, orange pineapple and mango. The taste really freshening. The passion pulp and the kiwi dominated this drink. I like the sour that came out from it fruits.

Pineapple & Cinnamon Roshka 80k
Pineapple & Cinnamon Roshka - Combination of Vodka, pineapple liqueur, pineapple, lime wedge, cinnamon and mixed sugar. What fascinating about this drink was, they grilled the pineapple first. Uuumm... somekind like Nastar cookies that my mom usually make. But the taste was nice. Not too strong.

Smoky Rosemary
Smoky Rosemary - Combination of Brandy, Galliano, Lychee blend, Rosemary, Lime Wedges and Simple Syrup. This was the Cocktail that Mr Fitra made. Kinda love this cocktail. The smell of the rosemary really great. No wonder, he burned it first when processing this drink. This cocktail a bit strong but taste sweet.

Sangria 125k
Sangria - somekind like fruit cocktail but with Red Wine in it. The fruits like strawberry, apple, pineapple, orange and lemon really blend well with the wine. Love this Cocktail.

The Chef Lim Menus

Cream Of  Wild Mushroom Soup - 50k
Cream Of  Wild Mushroom Soup - A soft velvety cream soup blended with a medley wild mushroom like portabella and drizzled with truffle oil. Served with french toast and friend mushroom. The taste so damn yuumm... With the mushroom chunk inside, this cream soup was so comforting. The texture also not to thick.

Nannini Cordon Bleu 75k
Nannini Cordon Bleu - Tender chicken breast stuffed with smoked beef and chedar cheese served with potato fries and red wine gravy. This Nannini Cordon Bleu will taste more fabulous if they served it when it;s still warm. Because the melted cheese not so melted anymore and the fries taste not too crisp any longer. The sauce was great. It complete the Nannini Cordon Bleu it self.

Nannini Salmon - 85k
Nannini Salmon - Grilled Fresh Norwegian Salmon served with mesclun salad tossed in balsamic dressing and drizzled with Nannini special home made sauce. The salmon was so tender and smooth. I like the sauce.

Nannini Striploin - 195k
Nannini Striploin - Grilled striploin served with mashed potato and creamy champignon sauce. Actually, this striploin can be more tasty, if they serve it warm. It can make the beef more juicy and more blend with the sauce. The Chef cooked it in medium rare, that what make this Nannini Striploin more perfect.

Nannini Tiramisu 65k
Nannini Tiramisu - mascarpone mousse covered sponged cake drenched in Kahlua and Baileys. This Nannini Tiramisu is Nannini signature dessert. I like this tiramisu because the taste not too sweet, the kahlua and baileys not too strong, and the sponge cake was so smooth and moist.

Overall, Nannini menu was superb. But they served it waayyy too loonngg... It make the main course serve a bit cold. If you search the great menu for dine, just come to Nannini. It can make you want to order all.

Notes: Main Course above served with Table d'hôte setting. Means menu that served have to sharing my other blogger friend. The exact size definitely bigger than the picture. So I guess the price is worth with the meal.


2 komentar:

  1. Hi Octa! Review Nannininya uda terbit nih. Mantaaap. I agree on the main courses. They should not force themselves to have all three coming in at the same time. Alhasil pada keburu dingin =(

    1. Hi Ruby... Yooii... Tak sabar pengumuman hehehe... Mungkin karena menu sharing & the size was a bit petite, jadi mereka served nya bersamaan.


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