27 Maret 2012

Sushi Miya8i (read: Miyabi)

Sounds really ear catching when hear the name of this restaurant. Pretty often passing through this restaurant, but just last Saturday night decided to have dinner there with hubby. Why they write it with the number "8" instead of with letter "b" ? Hhhhmmm... Probably to avoid dirty mind hohoho... Christian Sugiono, Indonesia former actor is one of the owner of this restaurant. Let's check whether the taste as gorgeous as his look.

Sushi Miyabi, Tebet place was not too big. Split in to areas, indoor and outdoor. Indoor was not too big. There are 2 line on the left and right side, with the long alley shape. Outdoor more crowded. Maybe because that not too spacious room, so the chairs they put was too close one and another.

When we sat, the waiter/waitress who dressed like Japanese school boy & girl gave us the big menu card that filled a list of their menu. They really helpful & friendly. The service also pretty fast.

Ori Baked California Roll 28k
Ori Baked California Roll filled with kyuri, enoki mushroom, crab, nori and topped with crab sprinkle and baked mayonnaise. The sushi rice was good. Not messy when we dip it into the sauce. The crab mix with with the mayo was great.

Miyabi Tower 27k
Miyabi Tower filled with salmon, avocado, kyuri and topped with spicy mayo. This one also not bad. Even though the salmon taste became blur, might be because the mayo sauce.

Green Spider Roll 26k
Green Spider Roll filled with soft shell crab, kyuri, topped with avocado & spicy mayo. Again, the crab taste became blur, this might be because the mayo way to overwhelmed. But with the avocado this mayo was great. Just like salad

Tobiko 12k nori sushi roll topped with tobiko.
Nuguroho Tempura Ice 13k
Nuguroho Tempura Ice was a fried ice cream. We can choose the ice cream. I choose strawberry. Don't really like with this dessert. Too oily outside

When I visited Sushi Miyabi, they run out the Ocha. How come that can happened? Since Ocha one of signature drink in Japanese resto. Also the electricity was down several times sad. Why they only have 2 (or 3 ?) chef in this resto? It made the order came to long.


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