14 Februari 2012

Red Mango

Rainy day doesn't make me stop eating ice cream. Like a view days ago I stepped by to Red Mango Grand Indonesia to bought it. The place is in under the elevator, West Mall. The place is not too big. Only with the bar and a view seats surround it.

Red mango is a frozen yogurt  that really freshening. The taste is a bit sour but tasty. Have 5 kind of yogurt taste, like plain, blackberry, blackberry twist, fruit punch and chocolate. I choose the blackberry twist. Like it's name, it's a mixing between the blackberry and the plain yogurt. With the toppings you can also choose from the bar. A lot of topping that they offer. Beside the fresh fruit there are cereal, chocolate, mochi, chocolate chip and many more.
The Toppings
blackberry twist
Red Mango also sell other kind of yogurt, like Yogurt Ice Cake and Yogurt Latte. You can also take home the Red Mango. Because they have the take home package. For the price it's common. Not to expensive. Depends on the size you choose. Me spend 40k for Medium size with 2 toppings


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