17 Februari 2012

Burger King with The Queen

Since I declare want to do a diet (wannabe) I seldom eat fast food. But this time, I really can't stand myself. Niatnya sih cuma nemenin temen-temen ajah... Tapi melihat sederet menu di Burger King, I never can resist.

Burger King Skyline Building adalah salah satu branch yang peling sering saya kunjungi. Selain dekat dengan kantor, tempat nya juga sangat nyaman. Ada 2 entrance menuju Burger King. Satu lewat front door next to Starbucks, another through entrance next to Pizza Hut.

What I love in Burger King is Mushroom & Swiss Burger (Rp 38.182 - Package). Mixing between the mushroom melted cheese and it's tender beef was soo yummy.  I also tried the new menu at Burger King (at least I just knew about this menu) named Angus Burger. It has a big size. Contained Smoked Bacon and Chedda. Also added smoked bacon and cheddar cheese and finally surrounded it with crisp lettuce, tomato and onion, salad and creamy mayonnaise. How is that full?
Angus Burger (48k - Package)
Not too forget the side dish. Usually Burger King gave the french fries as a side dish in one package. But I often switch it with Onion Ring. This onion ring was really crisp. The breaded flour coated it onion well.
Onion Ring & French Fries
As a dessert, I ordered Hersheys Sundae Pie.This one is a heaven for chocolate lover. The pie itself taste like brownies. It was good, it was crust, but really smooth when you eat it. Blend in with chocolate filling, then top it off with whipped cream and Chocolate Chips also choco sauce. *gleekk
Hersheys Sundae Pie (20k)
Overall, I love eating here in Burger King. The patty taste fresh, the side dish was crisp & crunchy, the dessert was great and with the great place with great service. Never can resist Burger King.


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