20 Februari 2012

Pancious Pancake - Part 2

Like I told you before in my previous review about Pancious, that I pretty often hangout in this place. 1 of my friend said, that Pancious is 1 of our base camp, LOL.

We took place inside, in a long chair. 'Coz we already knew well with Pancious menus (Pancious should give us treat aight girls hehehe) so we ordered instead.

Special Pancake with Vanilla Ice Cream (32k)
Special Pancake double stack with mix pancake and waffle is one of original pancake from Pancious. Served with Vanilla Ice Cream, maple syrup also butter. Spread the butter & maple syrup together on top of the waffle and pancake. Taste yuummyy... melted in your mouth...

BBQ Chicken (41k)
Barbeque Chicken taste great. Between the chicken, bbq sauce, onion, cheese sauce and mozzarella it all blend together. Single wont never enough.

Beef Salami (39k)
Beef Salami served with cheese sauce, mozzarella and the beef salami. yuummm...

Coco Baileys (38k)
Coco Baileys with a bit of alcohol taste from Baileys in it sauce taste like heaven.1 stack pancake served with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream and pour with Baileys caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and almond sprinkle. Love it... sluurrpp...

Mango Cheese
Mango Cheese taste really freshening. 2 stack pancake and waffle served with mango fruit, mango sauce and cheese fudge.

Fresh Fruit Ice Tea Cocktail (36k)
This Fresh Fruit Ice Tea Cocktail some kind must order menu when we visit Pancious. With one big glass, you can share it with 3 other peoples. Contained fresh fruit like kiwi, strawberry, pear, peach and mango peach syrup taste great.

Cafe Mocha (25k)
Hot Cafe Mocha taste great. Taste of coffee and mocha syrup blend well.

The kitchen
The Alley
We love Pancious so much
Overall, I'm still in love with Pancious, eventhough they have an expensive mineral water (said my friend hohoho). They still gave the great service and the great taste. Love it.


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