27 Februari 2012

BUNK Pullman: Cocktail and Mocktail Madness

Last Thursday, on February 23rd 2012 I was invited by Pullman Central Park to tried they Cocktail and Mocktail at their Bars named BUNK. The location is in the right side of the entrance. BUNK have a very cozy and nice place to hangout.

BUNK have 2 floor. In the 1st floor, we can find a very nice sofa, a bar, and Dj table. With the not too loud music, hangout in this place felt so convy.
BUNK Pullman

BUNK Pullman
DJ Table
BUNK's Bar
I Heart with this chair
Beside the Bar, there's a round stairs that connected to 2nd floor. BUNK's 2nd Floor is somekind a private room that can accommodate 10 - 15 peoples. There was a big mirror and paintings that make the room looked more spacious. The floor really hip. with green light floor and nice sofas in it. We can see 1st floor activity from this area.
The Stairs
The 2nd Floor Area
BUNK served many great (and strange) Cocktail and Mocktail. They also served tapas for accompany us drink the Cocktail and Mocktail.
Favarica contain apple syrup, brown sugar, green aple slice and top with soda.  The taste of it's brown sugar blend well with the soda. And the apple chunk made this mocktail taste really freshening. Me love this.

Electric Retro Pop Art
Electric Retro Pop Art contain Vodka infused bubble gum, Whit egg, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup. I remember Cocktail named Pink Lady, because it contain white egg also. Me don't dare to try this, since it have egg in it.
Cream Pie
Cream Pie taste was similar like Milkshake, but with banana as a main ingredient. It contain with banana fruit, banana syrup, vanilla yogurt and coconut syrup.

Balasis contain Lychee syrup, Lime juice, Mint Syrup and Peach Syrup. Lime Juice made the Lychee and Peach not too sweet. So it's really freshening. I love It.

Potrait contain Vodka infused blackcurrant, cream the casis and blackcurrant syrup. Cream the Casis is a A sweet red blackcurrant flavored liqueur. It blend well with the Vodka and the syrup. Taste great.

McHAle contain Rum infuse with Bubble Gum, Dark rum, Grenadine, Coconut rum, Orange Juice and Pineapple Juice. The taste was like usual Pineapple Juice, nut since it blend with Rum, so the taste more strong.

Bridgespoon & Chery
I lovee this Bridgespoon & Chery. It contain honeydew, cherry, yogurt and a dash of grenadine. The mixed between it ingredients made it great.

It was interesting when i looked the Axell presentation. Because it use cotton candy as it garnish. Like a drink for kids. It contain Vodka infused with bubble gum, creme de banana, triple sec cranberry and cotton candy. the taste also quiet fun. The mixed between the ingredients made this drink sweet and great.

Splash is a cocktail that made intended for coffee lover (this is just my opinion). Splash contain Vodka infused Vanilla, Baileys, Frangelico and Kahlua.  Frangelico taste was like hazelnut and caramel. So when it blen with baileys and kahlua, it felt so damn great. Me loved it.

Bloody Mary
Bloody Marry is BUNK's signature drink. There are 4 kind of Bloody Marry that BUNK's served. Each drink have it own taste (and kinda weird hohoo)

  Ultimate Bloody Marry contain Vodka, tequila, Tabasco Sc, horseradish, onion, tomato juice and olive oil. The taste a bit spicy and strange. Maybe from the onion and the horseradish.

Bloody Marry contain chilli infused vodka, Tabasco Sc, celery, salt and black pepper.

Bloody Maria contain tequila, tomato juice, lime, celery and Tabasco.

Tom Yum Bloody Marry. Nope it's not Tom Yum soup like you think, although the name is TomYum, it still a cocktail. No wonder, because it filled with TomYum sauce, vodka, Tabasco, celery and 1 other things.

From all Bloody Marry that I mentioned above, only Bloody Maria that I think better, eventhough I can't drink it more than a sip sip

To accompany you drink, BUNK offered a few side dish for you to order.

Miss Sixty Platter
Miss Sixty Platter have a very earcatching name. It contain with labiose duck breast, mini spring roll, retro maki, sesame flavor and prawn skewer. I don't get a chance to taste this menu. However the presentation looked great.

Warhol Platter
Warhol Platter contain tomato gazpacho, handmade blinis, and yellow line tuna. I actually curious with the blini. But i don't get a chance also to taste this.

Shazzam Platter
Shazzam Platter filled with Rainbow Consomme, Eggplant Profiterole, Marinated Mackare, Roasted Fang King Prawn. This also looked good, but once again, I don't get a chance to taste it.

Retro Pop Platter
Retro Pop Platter contain squid tempura, poached duck breast, mushroom risotto, crab meat and shrimp. From all those above, the better was mushroom risotto. The squid a lil bit hard to bite. Maybe because it 's not hot anymore when it served.

This all cakes that BUNK's served was heaven. I love it all. Every single cake have it own taste.

Fudge Cake
Fudge Cake is chocolate cake in every layer. It's a heaven for chocolate lover. The cake was so smooth the chocolate melt in mouth yuuumm...

Strawberry Opera Cake
Strawberry Opera Cake also taste great. The sour from strawberry blend well with the cake it self. yuumm...

Greentea Cake
This greentea cake become my most favorite. Loovvee it. Can't stop to eat it more

Blueberry Cheese Cake
Blueberry Cheese Cake really melt in mouth. Really good and really smooth

Cakes at BUNK
Overall, I love the Pop art BUNK's interior. really inspire me to apply this to my new crib. They also gave great service with good product knowledge. Great place to hangout with mates

Pullman Jakarta Central Park
Podomoro City
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta 11470
T. +62 (21) 29 20 00 88  
F. +62 (21) 29 20 00 99


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