14 Februari 2012

G3 Cafe

Often walk in Sabang Street, but this is the 1st time I went there. Just curious. First came in, the server greet us, really friendly. I choose sitting next to window, left side of the entrance. G3 have 2 floor. 1st floor is not too big. with a row of sitting areas and a bar in the center.

I ordered Es Pisang Ijo (20k). Taste not bad. Tapi pisang nya sedikit keras ya. Trus lapisan pisang nya juga kurang empuk. Untuk bubur sumsum nya lembut, but a bit salty. Beneram deh. Disajikan dengan parutan es, red syrup dan susu cair.
Es Pisang Ijo (20k)
My friend ordered Penacook with Ice Cream Vanilla Topping (17.5k). Adonan penacook nya kurang lembut, but it's forgiven dengan ice cream vanilla dan siraman chocolate melted nya.
Ice Cream Vanilla Topping (17.5k)
For side dish, i also ordered Tahu Pong (10.5k). Tahu Pong berisi 4 buah disajikan hangat. Have you ever eat tahu sumedang? Yaa... the taste similar like that. Eat this with the spicy sauce. Saus nya seperti kuah mpek-mpek but more thick. Or I can say sambel kecap.
Tahu Pong (10.5k)
There was also the macaroni panggang (15k). This is so petite. Sekali hap hap langsung habiiss... Taste so so...
macaroni panggang (15k)
Overall, the meal is so so. The price is reasonable. The place and the service is good.
G3 menus
G3 menus


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